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Jamie is a well-rounded comedian with a soft spot for the ladies, a most cheeky grin and a kind word to say to all and sundry. Matt is the most generous-hearted young man with cool spectacles and penchant for mischief. Duncan is a suave and ridiculously good-looking specimen of a man with splindly legs and a dripping heart. Andy is the most charming, debonair and happy Creature – he hates you, he loves you, wait and see!

This Friday Berlin based indiepop newcomer band the Myriad Creatures will celebrate the release of their debut album The Right Way To Do Wrong with a concert and party at Zapata in Mitte. You can win 2×2 tickets for the album release party and the brand new album which will be out tomorrow right after the jump.


To win 2×2 tickets for the record release party and the new album of the Myriad Creatures please leave a comment below with a valid eMail address or write an eMail to hey (ätt) until Friday July 24, 16h. Yeah, that’s tomorrow already. We will randomly select the 2 winners then and get back to you, so make sure to check your emails that afternoon if you take part!

If you aren’t familiar with the Myriad Creatures you should check their music on MySpace and watch the video below.

Myriad Creatures Record Release Party

24.07.2009, 22h


Oranienburger Straße 54

10117 Berlin

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