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When I arrived at my first Berlin festival two years ago at the end of the second day I was just in time to see the last act: Peaches. I was happy that I managed to see her, but at the same time mad at myself for not having gone there earlier. It’s been two rainy days and I was sitting at home thinking about leaving the house at all. Well, I should have done, that’s for sure, cause even at the end I could feel the amazing atmosphere of this Festival. The audience, most of them being very young and dressed unbelievably colourful was dancing frenetically to the sound of Peaches. Last year I couldn’t go there because I was not in Germany, but this year I’ll go to write about my impressions, even if it rains cats and dogs, promise.

The fourth Berlin Festival takes place at the upcoming weekend on the area of Airport Tempelhof. For those who don’t know Berlin well, it is not as far as it seems. Kreuzberg 61 is nearby and you can easily reach the airport by taking the U6 from Friedrichstraße. When two years ago there were rather acts only known by people usually going to places like Rio, Picknick and Tape, this year’s line-up is a bit more commercial, nevertheless a good one. Just to name a few: Deichkind, Jarvis Cocker, These New Puritans, The Rifles, Peaches, Pete(r) Doherty und Zoot Woman. Furthermore there will be an additional Club Berlin floor inside the airport for you to party all night long. More after the jump.


Zoot Woman

Thinking of Zoot Woman I remember the beginning of a great love affair when I once went to a concert of Zoot Woman at the old Maria Club, years ago. More fascinating than the main act was the band playing before, a band from Sweden I never heard of. When I went to the toilets a bunch of hysterically screaming Swedish girls told me about this band, named The Ark, who obviously used to be very famous in Sweden. The concert was fantastic and I’ve been a fan ever since. Unfortunately this love affair ended with the appearance of The Ark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade a few years ago. But big love affairs always have a bad end, don’t they…?

THESE NEW PURITANS, Rushton Triangular Lodge, 09 10 07

These New Puritans

The tickets for both days are 49 Euro plus booking fees or 60 directly at the venue. A one day ticket is 32 Euro plus booking fees or 40 Euro. More information concerning running order, prices and getting there at

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