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Birthday Party Berlin

Birthday Party Berlin, photo: Marco Macrobi

Cargo seems to become a hotspot! I really can’t tell why. At the Lucky Strike party I quick-freezed and caught a cystitis! What else is new? Oh! The most beautiful doormen is leaving Berlin: Picknick-Flo says goodbye. He never meant to harm anybody, he just took his work really serious… Farewell my blond angel!

Take a look at the Horse Meat flyer, damn! It suddenly feels hot in here. Pew… The parties after you know where.

Update: Join our Facebook Group to get on the guestlist of the Vice Party tonight.


Cookies can be pretty boring sometimes, but from time to time one can have a decent night out at this legendary venue. It could happen tonight, when Phonique and Franz Underwear are playing.


No way they don’t meet your taste in music at WMF this Friday! Well, at least if you’re not into rock music. Revolution No5, Melt! Klub, HipHop Don’t Stop, Motor FM, Vice and Zitty present: Major Lazer Sound System with Major Lazer Sound System, Paul Devro, Sick Girls and on a special Hip Hop Don’t Stop floor Djs Yogo, Jumpy and San Gabriel. By the way, it’s Dj Jumpy’s birthday. Erm,Jumpy, a bit of bad luck, hm? Iam talking about the date issue…

Hate #5 is coming out this Friday, a good occasion to celebrate at Cargo with two rooms named “Bumm Bumm” and “Bums Bums”! I know… At “Bumm Bumm” get tunes by Larsson, Oskar Offermann & Edward, Ricardo Esposito & Michael Nadjé, at the “Bums Bums” room: Druffalo Hit Squad, lassmalaura, Carlos de Brito and Tobias Rapp.

Another Birthday Party at a funny location with an even funnier name: Eschloraque in the heart of Mitte @ Rosenthaler Str. 39 with guests Zebrapop and Plateau Repas as they celebrate the 10th Birthday of Belio Magazine and their exhibition upstairs at Neurotitan! Dirty freaky-monster birthday action!! By the way, it’s a mouth-to-mouth thing!Well, now it’s a pc-to-eye thing, but you can make it a mouth-to-mouth thing again, just tell your friends…


Another Vice Party, this time at Cargo with DJ-Duo Optimo from Glasgow, Biffy and live, for the first time in Berlin, Joakim And The Disco. (We are working on some guestlist spots for you, as this is a closed event as usual.)

Good horse. Yes, you are. Finally another Horse Meat Disco by The Panty Sniffers at Tape with James Hillard & Jim Stanton from Horse Meat, London. Furthermore, Daniel Wang, Sven Weisemann and Patrick Specke. Crazy gay party, heterosexuals and other freaks are warmly welcome!

Picknick jubilee (door terror) and birthday (picknick staff) bash with dOP live, Jack Tennis and Dj Supermarkt, more and even more djs plus the opening of our beloved first floor-sweaty physical contact guaranteed.

“Oben ohne”, meaning topless at Renate (Markgrafenstr. 18)with Raz Ohara live, Herr Süß und Herr Sauer, Sven Dohse and more.


Bar 25 is closed, you don’t like Berghain garden, so try out this event: Piratenstrand, Rummelsburger Landstrasse 2 – 12, open air with Matt John, David Dorad and and and… You can only get there by boat, so call the captain to pick you up: 01726068010.








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