Gay! Or Not? Or what?


Last Weekend posed a question of vital importance.

Which of the numerous parties would I grace with my presence? First of course, I made my way to Picknick in order to clink glasses with Florian, the gorgeous doormen, who had his birthday celebrated last Saturday. Rumours were afloat, he would leave Berlin for good, but it now turned out, he remains with us a little while. I then had to make a decision, either going to Horse Meat Disco, watching all the unreachable gay guys and getting a depression or making my way to Revaler Straße, heading to Vice and Joakim and the Disco. With regard to my mental health I took off to Vice at Cargo. On my way from the nasty metro that was filled with a lot of screwed guys I met T Daance of the fabulous Macaronic Duo and his lovely girlfriend Gina who were on her way to Horse Meat Disco. After convincing them to come with us to Cargo, we there got a bit confused. Where were the free drinks we expected? Surprise! There weren’t any! After pushing away the wave of disappointment floating me I wanted to see Joakim and the Disco. But I failed in trying to enter the room. It was so crowded I couldn’t be bothered to get squashed. By the way, I once had the same feeling while being in Egypt, where I tried to walk into the inside of a pyramid, together with hundreds of other tourists…brrr. A bit of a bigger location next time, PLEASE! Hush hush, back to Picknick where some of the very young folks became a little wild during the morning hours. I guess it has been some people’s first proper tippling, ain’t it? Take a look of the pictures i have taken that night. Additionally I added some of the Lucky Strike Party that took place some time ago also at Cargo.

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