Party hopping? It sucks..!


I just decided that party hopping is way too exhausting. If you guys feel the same, you will have to pick one of the parties I suggest in the following. But if you are bored easily and you have to visit at least three different locations a night, well, I guess you got lots of money to spend for a cab. Oh, you are the sporty type? Riding a bike and dancing all night? Yeah, shed some pounds, it will do you good, honey… Parties after the jump.


Club Nme at Magnet Club with The Cinematics live! Furthermore 1990’s live and Karrera Club Djs as a guarantee for the best Indie Music you can get. Only 6 Euros!!

Love And Trash at West Germany, Skalitzer Str. 133 with Night Creature aka Curly Q, Wild Wendy and DJ Shampoo aka Forest Cunt. With special make out tent for the lovebirds and wild ones!!!


Warehouse at Cookies! With Snax live, Boris (Panorama Bar), Endlich 18 loo disco and the sweet girls of Okay & Okay. Or crazy fun with Puppetmastaz who are celebrating their 10th birthday at Wmf (Bring yur own puppet) !! Or Minimal Rave for 6 Euros only at Stattbad Wedding and such a long line-up, we are not willing to put all the names down here! Or Tiger Bass at Raum 18 in lovely Neukölln with a release party for the new Tigerbass ep “A Tribute To Grace Jones” with live act Magnum 38! Or Burn Out with Berlin legend Mitja Prinz and  Beaner at M-Bia Club, Dirksenstr. 123. Not bad isn’t it? Chose the right thing, friends!


If you feel ready to party again on Tuesday, you won’t have to go to Cookies again. Just attend the Abc opening party taking place at Haus am Köllnischen Park with Kaos, Daniel Wang, Nite Shinin, Kolmer, Ponypop and Maxi Moritz!!








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