A Speech for more High Quality Smalltalk

Seeing myself in the Berlin nightlife as an individual again, you realise a lot of unspoken things. For instance, most conversations you have on a night out in the town with strangers are consistently bullshit. Why is it that Berliners are not able to make pleasant smalltalk? Are they too afraid of not being intellectual enough to start a conversation with something other than: Hey, what’s up? Or are they not able to string decent bla-blas together without staring at your tits or your dick and unmistakably just wanting that “one thing”? More bla-bla thoughts after the jump.

Talking to my tits?

Coming from a land where talking means life and life is only worth living from the moment you can speak, I certainly have a different way of thinking about smalltalk compared to the the average German guy or girl in town. In fact, I am not a big fan of smalltalk myself. But on the other hand, effortless conversations don’t happen either in the Volksbühnen-Kantine after a really disturbing theatre performance which leaves you with cultural indigestion. So what I am saying is, I miss a certain standard of quality smalltalk here in Berlin. I’m talking about the kind of conversation you have with a stranger, which stays in your mind for a long time not because it was so inspiring, but because it was pure and simply funny and enjoyable. In a way, good smalltalk with a person that you’re attracted to could in fact be more exciting and memorable than a one night stand.

Fuck off!

Well, not everybody thinks like that. Last weekend, a girlfriend of mine was approached by a stranger and after only a minute they had an amazingly hilarious conversation which I followed for 10 minutes. After that, I excused myself gentleman-style from the conversation and left them alone, hoping for big love to happen. But after a while my friend came back to join me on the dance floor. When I asked about the super cool guy she nonchalantly said that he just wasn’t her type and that she’s looking for a “hotter and more sexy” guy right now. I was shocked. Apparently not everyone appreciates spontaneous conversation as much as I do. Still, I will not stop looking for my perfect BLABLABLA in this town full of silence. No wonder Berlin is the capital of Techno. Believe me, it was invented as the perfect excuse not to talk to anyone.

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