One Night Stand

One Night Stand at Amano Hotel

Two weeks ago Mercedes and I went to a welcome party of the brand new Amano Hotel at Auguststrasse corner of Rosenthaler. At the entrance we were greated with a handful of condomes which pretty much suited the theme “One Night Stand”. The invite came along with a little creative challange where we were supposed to write a sexy little story about who we would like to spent a night with in that hotel and what we would be doing. The 10 best stories would get a room on that evening to spend the night. Our impressions after the jump.

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The party started with lots of booze and a nice Asian dinner by Kuchi. After we filled up ourselves we went on a tour through the hotel with a charming guide. This was actually the first time I am checking out a Hotel in Berlin so I don’t have a lot of other places to compare this to. But my impression was overall very good and I feel comfortable recommanding this place. I especially liked the Studio in the top floor with panorama terrace and a great view over Mitte. I hear you can also rent this for a little party with friends. While the corridors of the hotel are mostly pretty sterile they have one charming feature: The carpet is a patchwork of signature patterns of many worldwide famous hotels. The tour commenced to a party on the rooftop and then went back down to a stylish garden area with swings.

The hotel consists of a new built house and an old one. The apartments in the old building I would feel most comfortable in, as they have wooden floor, high ceilings, and the beautiful wallpaper by PvanB. Later that night we landed at the bar where we got stuck with the fruitpunchand conversations about ecological brands until a point where I don’t remember much. Damn that fruitpunch…

Hotel Amano

Auguststraße 43

10119 Berlin

rooms starting at 70 EUR, apartements starting at 120 EUR

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