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A couple of weeks ago, I read some wise words about the difference of blogs and real analogue magazines by Jan Joswig: “blogs give you the news, magazines teach you the style”. First I was hesitating, what almost never occurs when Mr. Joswig is involved. In my mind I was browsing all the brilliant blogs that keep me up all night and certainly teach me about style (I still figure out a way to get that Rodarte cardigan I saw online without ending up homeless for the next six months). But in the end, I had to agree. There’s nothing better than having a day off and spend it with a nice cup of coffee and a freshly printed magazine. Browsing through the untouched pages, smelling the weird odour, categorizing articles in “must read now” and “keep it for later”… There is something good and noble about the oldschool-way of publishing, and to me it’s really inspiring to see people with enthusiasm and dedication working on it.

So you can tell, that I was super thrilled to see shops like Motto Distribution in Kreuzberg or do you read me?! in Mitte emerging during the last year. Real heaven for magazine lovers: Arkitip, A Magazine, Fantastic Man – you name it, they have it.

This Saturday, do you read me?! celebrates their first anniversary. Drop by for a little get-together at the shop and a discussion about independent publishing with editors of 032c, Dummy, i love you, Intersection, Lodown and Mono.Kultur. And since it’s officially fall, I guess it’s fair to make plans for next year: the CMYK, a festival for independent magazines, will take place in Berlin. I saw a little preview at art berlin contemporary and really liked the strange magazines the guys where presenting. We keep you updated on that. Details after the jump.


1 year do you read me?!
Saturday 03.10.09, 13 – 19h
Auguststraße 28
10117 Berlin

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