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Blind Date Swingers Club. What a name for a party. Especially if it is actually more of a hipster get-together in a private apartment then a sexual orgy of old meat. But this one really was one hell of an event – for various reasons… More after the jump.


Like the last 2 swingers club parties this one was again accompanied by a mix cd exchange. And the music played during the night was just that: a wild mix. Never have i imagined seeing these hipsters freaking out to sugarbabes, nirvana and 90s euro dance. But dancing was almost impossible as it was so full it was more like a constant pushing and shoving. (don’t you just love these people who practice their extroverted dance moves regardless of how many people around them they constantly bump into?)


But it really was a sight not to be missed. These beautiful young skinny fashionable girls and boys striking poses, flirting, kissing, having fun – of course never on the cost of their good looks, doing things people in my age don’t do anymore. And on the other hand the few normal gals (as they described themselves) pulling faces as they felt intimidated by the long legs and silky hair around them.


While the evening commenced with affordable liquor and cheaky looks over the shoulder, some of the boys – obviously overpowerred by the beauty in the room – started to freak out more than necessary. What started as friendly little pillow fight ended with them smashing pillows into other people’s faces. People getting hit, people ducking, people falling. It didn’t take long until my white shirt was spattered with cheap red wine and coke.


When the first things came to break the owner suddenly killed the music, started shouting and threw the wild guys out. Finally a bit of peace. When the room emptied you could start to see the remains of a trashed apartment. Wow! These people really behaved like they didn’t experience any kind of propper raising.


Though the party went on for a little while with some really drunk leftovers, oldies Katja and I (both of us approximately 10 years older than the average hipster kid) decided to call it a night and took a cab home.

More photos of the wild night over at Glamcanyon.

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