Dreams and Reality


photo: Sol S.

Last night was the first Friday night in a very long time that I did not go out and went to bed early. Every other Saturday I come home sometime in the morning, instantly fall asleep and rest like a dead person. But this time my night was filled with wake moments and dreams. It made me realize how nice it is to have dreams. You know, these kinds of dreams that start when you are still awake and your mind plays around with your wishes and desires. And then at some point you drift off and loose control over what happens. Sometimes these dreams become awkward, sometimes sexual, sometimes scary – but in most cases quite interesting. I like remembering them in the morning.

Especially on a grey autumn day these dreams seem to be so much more appealing then the dull reality. And without beeing all to melancholic, I remember a time when I wished that I could somehow cross over to these dream worlds to escape my own reality. Even if it was just for a little bit.

Wouldn’t that be neat?

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