Gay on Friday, Rock’n’Roll on Saturday


Oh, what is this? Where is Suz? What is Frank messing around with the party guide? Well, while Suz is shopping off all her hard-earned iHeartBerlin money in Lundun I will take over this honorable job for this week. And I can say so much: Friday is all in the name of gay, and Saturday is all in the name of good ol’ Rock’n’Roll, wooha! Parties after the jump. Including free tickets for 2 parties on Saturday and a free track from The Glass!


Broken Hearts Club with Hunee, Nomad and DJ Prince Language from New York at Ballhaus Chausseestraße. This time’s theme is New Years Eve Chic. So get your sequins dresses and party hats out!


Oh my, where do I start with all the gayness. Okay, how about the second anniversary party of Arm&Sexy. I heard this is quite the nice (gay) party, but a few people didn’t like the last location (Speicher). Well guys, absurd venues is kind of the concept of this party! This time it will be in an old beer garden at Treptower Park called Haus Zenner. See the map beneath the flyer to find out how to get there.

If you prefer something more central and still pretty gay you will find another Sellfish party at Villa. I haven’t been to that one yet, but since it is from the makers of Wednesday’s NBI affaire you can expect nice boys and bad music. Chin chin!

I am not necessarily a fan of the Schwuz nor do I care much for the Search&Destroy party there. But the live gig by PnP is a Must-See! Check out these concert pictures if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

If you are looking for something NOT GAY. Here we go: Haus am Köllnischen Park (is this the new place to be?) will open a new street art exhibition called Party Arty on Friday at 18h. Afterwards at 23h there is gonna be a big opening party with T.Raumschmiere, Snax and many more. Sounds hot! And the location is really cool. I kind of wish this would be on Saturday, hm.


The evening starts at 18h with an exclusive secret gig of the Australian rockband Wolfmother somewhere in Kreuzberg. The event is for invited guests only, but we have 2×2 guestlist spaces for you guys. So check out the forum in our Facebook group to get your hands on them.

Later that evening you may commence over to Fhain for the F.U.C. Yeah! party at Villa with The Glass and Schlechtboys live, as well as MIA and ND Baumecker at the decks. We also have 2×2 guestlist spots for this one, also available at our Facebook group. For a musical foretaste of this party we have a super-cool exclusive remix by Eli Escobar from The GlassWanna Be Dancing to download here. Funs!

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