The (not so) Secret Wolfmother Gig

Secret Wolfmother Gig at Morena Bar

Don’t you just love exclusive things? Like exclusive sales, or exclusive parties, or exclusively designed handbags, yeah, that kinda of affair. And what could be more fancy than an exclusive concert? With free booze by the sponsor. I know…

So, last week some of you had the chance to win tickets for an event just like that. The band: Wolfmother – the Australian cult rock band, with gitarres, flying bras and wild hair and shit. On Saturday they played a short but sweet accoustic gig at the bar Morena in Kreuzberg for an – here it comes again – exclusive invited audience. Yeah, that includes us, and you guys. Haha! Coincedently we met all of the four lucky winners in the line at the door so we could enjoy the concert and (numerous) drinks together.

After the gig the band was so kind to make a few fan photos with some of the guests, including reader Martina (the wild Swedish blonde above) and fellow blogger Paul from be my own stylist. See their happy faces on stage with the guys from Wolfmother and more (partly silly) impressions of the evening after the gitarre riff.

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