Alice Underground


photos: Jan Freese

You think that with all the versions of Alice I have seen in my live I could be pretty over it. I thought so too but the Ballhaus Ost, my favourite theater in Berlin right now, proved me wrong. In the beginning of the play Alice Underground shows an older depressed women living in a white trash East Berlin apartment still trying to feed her dead dog. But this sad scene ends when an already dead and skinned rabbit jumps out of the refrigerator and proclaims that he’s going to waste and needs to be eaten! No time, no time! And as soon as you can blink you are already inside the magical wonderland which is quite more adult porn style than the original Lewis one. With a lot of naughty jokes, an astonishing stage design and a cast of great actors led by fabulous Anne Tismer as old Alice, this play is better than most Alice analogies in a long time and has to be seen. The dates, the trailer and more picture after the rabbit hole.



Alice Underground

26., 27., 28., 29.10.2009, 20h
09., 10., 11., 12.12.2009, 20h

Ballhaus Ost

Papellallee 15

10437 Berlin

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