Gisi – Queen of Friedrichshain

When I’m observing tourists in the city I always wonder what they are really looking for. Because Berlin is not really known for its monuments or avenues or sights. Even clubs, theaters or gallerys are not the real essence of the city. What makes this city so unique is the people who live here. As declamatory this may sound. And Berlin is not just made of the hipster crowd consisting of young, lost and indestructible single girls and boys (even if this blog sometimes gives this impression). Berlin is full of normal people who live their life like everybody else. Yes, it’s true that in Berlin there are a lot of hungry artists and foreigners and even some rich bitches. Berlin has all the varieties and the similarities of a big city. Berlin has the extreme and the normal meeting at every street corner without even noticing each other. And Berlin has Gisi. So if you posses a little bit of German skills you should not miss to meet Gisi just after the jump.

Gisi is a real Person. I know where she lives and I saw here a few times. Watching this video I was asking myself in silence which of the pretty girls you saw in the last party pics will someday be like Gisi. Well, we will see.



Gisi is a student documentary created by Jessica Häring und Janine Thürer.


PS: Even if I know that Gisi is the most delightful Berlin grandma i would prefer not meeting her on Halloween night at a dark street corner. I hope you understand.

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