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I dedicate this post to all the commentors and readers of the this blog who like to bash on “new Berliners” and who are enimies of the evil that is the gentrification…

“Berlin is changing. The city’s leaders have plans for a sanitized Euro-capital. They’re replacing the city’s history and character with shopping malls and luxury condos. Their ideas for 21st Century Berlin landmarks: a fake Baroque palace and a copy of London’s giant ferris wheel. Berlin is a city of daring artists and irreverent dreamers.

“The Save Berlin Fest taps into Berliners’ enormous resource of imagination, asking for new visionary schemes for Berlin, to inspire debate and build a vision for the city’s future. Come join the conversation, and let’s show we can do better!”

This is how the makers describte their festival that is taking place for 3 days this weekend at Stattbad. It’s going to be a colorful program of music, parties, a bazar, childrens workshops, panel discussions, performances, film screenings, a brunch and a cabaret show. All aiming to show the diversity of Berlin’s subcultures. More infos after the click.


You’ll find the full program of the festival here.

Save Berlin Fest 09


Stattbad Wedding

Gerichtstr. 65

13347 Berlin

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