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The Makers: Interview with Super700

There are bands that you have to see live, and there are bands that do just great recordings. A band that you definitely have to experience on stage is Super700 from Berlin. On December 2 they are playing their last show for 2009 at Lido. In anticipation to their performance I talked with them about Berlin and their current album. Check out the interview after the jump.


Why did you come to Berlin?

When we moved here, the city offered so much free space and a great music scene. That way we had the chance to find ourselves. Life was cheap, and everything smelled like progress and chances for something new.

What are your favourite places in Berlin?

The old pop studio with a garden from the former GDR, which is where our rehearsal room is. Our studio on Kopenhagener Straße, it also has a source for coal, so you are forced to hang out there. The Berlin museums, which we actually thoroughly discovered not until this year, for instance the Gemäldegalerie. And the different districts, depending on our mood.

What inspires you?

For our next album we were definitely inspired by our tours through the Balkans and China that we recently finished. Apart from that: movies, different music, often classical music. Great people that you encounter again and again.


How would you describe the difference between this and the previous record?

The current album developed in a much more compressed way than the one before. It was done within 3 months and seems to be made out of one piece. With Rob Kirwan we had a producer with a different approach. He was very structured and concentrated and he helped us making decisions fast.
We now have been on tour with these songs for a while, and we still really enjoy playing them while we like to drop some of the older songs from time to time.

What are your plans for the future?

We definitely want to tour more internationally; at least we would like to get to know the countries better that we have already been to. At the moment we are trying to get to Australia, in order to avoid the Berlin winter in the long run. Additionally we will start writing and recording songs this winter.

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