Shusta, bleib bei deinen Leisten

“Schuster, bleib bei deinen Leisten” is a German proverb meaning “you better stick to what you’re best at”. In the case of this fine boutique at Rosenthaler Platz it is definately selecting cool brands and great shoes for our consuming pleasure. Hurrah! I have been walking past (and into) Shusta now quite frequently since it’s opening. For some reason I never came around writing about it. But since a friend of mine bought this fabulous backpack there it popped back into my conscience and now up on this blog. Hurray! Brands featured in their selection include Royal RepubliQ, Striipe, Keds, Schmoove, Dico, Atelier do Sapato, as well as the bags of Waste and many more. More images and details after the shoe lace.


Rosenthaler Straße 72

10119 Berlin

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