A legendary weekend


Legend over legend in iHeartBerlin’s party column. On this weekend’s menu we got Ewan Pearson, Nick Höppner, Housemeister and Dj Rahaan. The first Last Days party on Saturday @ Temporary Kunsthalle is still about to become a legend!! Parties after the jump


Dj Rahaan, legendary disco Dj from Chicago plays tonight. At Monster Ronson’s (Warschauer Straße 34) where you can get wild- always and with no regrets..entry is 3 euro with flyer and 4 euro without.

20 years of Groove @ Wmf with a moviescreening: “Berlin – Sinfonie der Großstadt”
with live-soundtrack of legend Ricardo Villalobos. Groove likes to play it high for their 20th birthday with quite a line-up: legend Ewan Pearson, Nick Höppner and Whignomy Brothers..


Dry Guillotine Night @ Maria with the Housemeister, techno Dj from Berlin who, when being very young, already used to dj at the more than legendary Electric Ballroom nights.

Sell Fish party at The Villa with Peter Bounce, Alpha-Nerd and secret guest!


The first Last Days party hosted by Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) and presented by iHeartBerlin.de is gonna take place at Temporary Kunsthalle, a sensational location opposite the Staatsratsgebäude (former Gdr) directly on the Schloßplatz, on the huge building site with a panoramic view! Get off at Alexanderplatz or Friedrichstraße, walk up Unter Den Linden to Schloßplatz or just arrive from the backside @ Hausvogteiplatz (U2).
Historical feelings are guaranteed. With special theme Lindsay, the poor rich little sad, talented, stupid, slutty, lesbian, bisexual, redhead, blond, brunette, model, singer actress, designer, addicted girl who had it all and is about to lose it all. Dress slutty like LiLo does and bring fun-the hipsters and models will be thankful…Music played by The Glamcanyon Dj Team, Sophie and Nadja who’s set @ Picknick a few weeks ago is about to become a legend, Scala and Picknick-Not A Nice Guy and Konni. Free shots for the sluttiest and special “bring your own I-pod or laptop area” for those who want to play their own music!!! If you bring a piece of theme-related (Lindsay and/ or slutty) decoration you get in for half the price. Win 2×2 free tickets and 2×2 half price tickets on iHeartBerlin.de!! Just write us your ideas who or what you think should be the theme for the next Last Days party to suz@iheartberlin.de!

Greco Roman/Boysnoize floor @ Villa with a Boysnoize floor and Joe Hot Chip and Half Nelson/Full Nelson on the Greco-Roman floor.

Stattbad Vernissage starting at 7 pm with performance lounge and music performance. Arty ghetto alarm!








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