I like the Fox!

Kitsuné Maison Night at Ritter Butzke

Do you know the Kitsuné fox? It is such a cute animal! Last night Kitsuné brought Delphic to Berlin. The first time I actually ever heard of Delphic was, when I met this fantastic girl running a radio show on a quite popular German Radio Station. We had a few drinks together and almost for half an hour she could not stop talking about the band. “The next big thing, bigger than Zoot Woman and the like” she said. Eventually I had to go and have a close look at Delphic, the band of 2010, how they are already called. Regarding the fact that I had to get up early and therefore was in no good mood, I had a nice evening. More impressions of the Kitsuné Maison Night at Ritter Butzke after the jump.

However, standing in the second row, looking forward to the show, I managed to put myself next to a bunch of drunken girls and boys who obviously were in a good mood but with total lack of body control. I did not count how often I was being pushed by those idiots…

Back to Delphic, yeah, it was nice. I liked the music, a mixture between Underworld and Zoot Woman indeed, a music for both, dreaming and dancing. The singer was no real eye catch though, with a little beer belly and thin arms, but he has a clear voice and really seems to enjoy his own music, cute. But, erm, the drummer is good looking, a nice side effect, isnt it? What I really liked was the length of the songs, much longer than the average song played on a concert .

What am I gonna say when I meet my radio friend again and she asks me about Delphic? Well, I have seen other bands who convinced me right away and Delphic clearly does not belong to them. But it would not be the first time, that I had to listen to an album a few times and finally would not be able to stop. I wonder if , one day, I become the biggest Delphic fan in the whole world… you never know!

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