God Hates Fags

PnP at HBC

On Saturday at the opening party of the .HBC one of the live acts was PnP which I introduced you to a few months back. I loved them back then and I love them even more after this performance. Their theme for the concert was hate against gays and lesbians by conservative Christian communities in the States. I was talking to some friends later and they were bored that the band brought up this topic of homophobia again. It’s quite ignorant actually because this is not only a reality in the conservative Hinterland of the United States but also here in the streets of Berlin.

And this is a sad truth I was confronted with recently here in the subway in Mitte. I was party hopping with friends – a bunch of flamboyant guys – when we got harassed and attacked by a group of homophobic idiots. One of us got even pushed onto the railway tracks. This was actually the first time in my life I have experienced something like that and I was quite shocked. So yes, even here in Berlin this is a topic that never gets old.

Impressions of a powerful performance after the jump.

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