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The Makers: Interview with Channel X

The “X” in the name of the DJ and producer team Channel X stands for the unexpected and the endless possibilities that come with the production of electronic music. One of these possibilities is a perfect party – and Channel X certainly knows how to do that. More information and an interview with Channel X after the jump.

It’s only November, it’s not even cold, but when I am watching this video the Berlin winter depression is coming. Anyway, of course there are good parties in the winter as well. If Channel X is playing somewhere, that’s a good starting point at least.

On the next weekend you have the chance to hear them playing at two parties: on Saturday night at Maria, and on Sunday morning at an After Hour at Horst.

Why Berlin?

André: As a musician you have a lot of advantages here, and most of my friends live in Berlin as well.
Mirko: My parents already moved here in the 80ies.

What are your favorite locations in Berlin?

André: The Viktoriapark and the roof of a run down house on Stralauer Allee.
Mirko: The Treptower Park and the Badeschiff.

What is your musical background?

André has been a DJ since 1996, he used to be resident at, among others, the Casino in Berlin. In the first place André is a DJ, he started producing electronic music in a more serious way not until 2003.

With Mirco it is a little bit different. Down in his heart he is producer, who is producing electronic music since 1996. Step by step they complemented one another and developed together.

What are your musicial influences, what does inspire you?

André: Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, the Doors, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Bar25.
Mirko: Music that is capable of transmitting emotions by sounds.

Which of your performances this year did you enjoy most so far?

A live gig at Romy S and a Sunday morning set at Bar25.

What are your suggestions to fight the Berlin winter depression?

Sauna, a lot of fruits and to party as much as you can.

What are your plans for the future?

The release of our first album in March 2010. Health and success.

Check out their MySpace page, where you download some of their live sets.

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