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Yesterday, like most other Saturdays and Sundays, I spent most of the day in bed sleeping out last night’s party. By the time I left the house it was already dark and raining. And while I was rushing through the cold, wet and dirty city I just hated it for being in the completely wrong climate zone.

So I wondered what could I do to get out of this uncomfortable mess that is the winter in Berlin. The answer came in the form of a cheerfully formulated eMail by Bacardi: A trip through the Caribbean. On a yacht. For one week. With 9 of your friends. How fucking amazing would that be, huh? Of course you can’t just sign up for it. You have to win a creative challange called Bacardi Ten4 where you have to submit some short films that you upload to YouTube. Learn more about it after the jump.

Readers of this blog might already have noticed that we kind of have a thing for these types of creative challanges. Though we have never actually won anything with it, we never seize to try out on our creative powers. So this time we will have to shoot a series of 4 video clips together with 9 of our friends. Every clip has a certain motto that you have to fulfil and these mottos will be announced within the next week. Here is the first one:

If you manage to get the most views on YouTube you will be the lucky winner who can go on a week long sail trip with nine of his friends in the Caribbean. So, as soon as we have our clips up we hope you will vote for us so we can blog our vacation impressions from the Caribbean islands! (Bacardi Feeling tunes in the background…)



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