Take out the winter coats!

Joy Fantastic

Yiiiehaa! We got a little side program this week, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday bringing a bit of a change into this boring city, haha! A designer turns Extrafein with a DJ straight out of hell, The Villa goes plastic, Sunday Séance back at HBC with only one Macaronic ( Tdaance). Take out your winter coat (the one that makes you look like a wale but really keeps you warm)..! Parties, as usual, right after the jump. Guestlist spots in our Facebook group.


Shake n’ Jake Christmas dancing with djs Hagen B, Stoopid, Jake the Rapper. Entry is 5,-!
Where? Same place as last time!

Designer Patrick Mohr does a hell of a Munich clubbing in Berlin @ Extrafein Store and after, inside the old Mensa Nord ( the place where poor students got a really cheap meal that also tasted really cheap).


The Wmf gives home to Hbc in exile with a strong line-up: Acid Washed, Xaver Naudascher, Salto Mortale & Hugo Capablanca and Un Homme et Une Femme, Lemercier, Plastique de Rêve and Em//E.

Another Arm & Sexy Party down the west side of Berlin with a promised great soundsystem and more people behind the bar!


Black And White is an exhibition of Street artists and illustrators, some of them well known, others just starting out. The walls are painted black and white to help the audience distinguish between the two art forms. Those on black walls are Street artist, and illustrators exhibit on white. The gallery is run by our non-profit organisation in the hope to showcase more of the artists that don’t always get the opportunity to exhibit in traditional galleries.

Plastic lunacy in the Villa. They promise an extraordinary live show with The Barotti Island and The Shaidon Effect together with Nachlader who will release his new ep. The rumours say there will be inflatable jump castles like in your best childhood times. Yay!

1 year of Yum Yum plus Engtanz and last show in 2009 @ Picknick!
Picknick goes the funky path with Schowi, Chrome and eyecatch Palina. Furthermore “Urgestein” Salto Mortale and one Sick Girl and Picknick Djs..


.HBC and Tdaance present a HBC Sunday Séance- Daytime party with a sizeable nightlife line-up i.e. Till Von Sein, Filippo Moscatello, Mella Ojeda, D.aniel and Tdaance. If you’ve never been to one of the Seances, you should go. It’s fun! Don’t sleep the day away young fellow!


The Pecha Kucha Night @ Festsaal Kreuzberg is an event in which presenters out of different creative fields give brief presentations accompanied by 20 images, each of which is shown for 20 seconds. The themes are widely spread, from ecological disasters in Guatemala to the profession of bartending to hitchhiking with a caravan or dessous design. Drop by, doors open at 7h30pm, beginning is at 8h20pm. The Entranceis 6 Euro.

New Tuesday joy @ Cassiopeia with art collective Pink-Pong and Pablo Decoder, The Sexinvaders, Seek Zag Lazer, Glideside Marvin Hey. Entry is 3,- and start at 23.00.








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