I want to be in San Francisco now


photos: Sandy Kim

If you are just like me looking for an antidote to the cold weather outside, check out the pictures of photographer Sandy Kim. Sandy Kim is based in San Francisco, her pictures appear in magazines such as Vice and Magic – Revue Pop Moderne, and if I look at her photos right now, I just have one wish: to be right there, in sunny San Francisco, on a party with these very people.

Check out a tiny interview and a selection of her wonderful photos after the jump.



How did you get involved with photography?
I used to go out every night and get blacked out wasted. I started to take photos so that I could remember what happened the night before.

Which photographers do you find inspiring?
Ray Potes, Nan Goldin, Colby Hewitt.

What was your most beautiful experience with photography?
Falling in love.



What is your definition of a good picture?
Capturing a moment that’s not forced but natural.

How important is Photoshop for you?
I try to avoid using Photoshop.

What or whom would you like to photograph? Make a wish!
David Bowie.



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