Snow on the Hill of Death!


Since Friday more and more seems to become THE day of the weekend in terms of a good party, I am struggling
to arrange my weekend. I have to organize shopping before Friday night in order to be able to rest on Saturday before I go out again. Calling my parents before I go out, the gym…What’ you say? Staying at home on a Saturday night? Naa, think of all the exciting parties I’ll miss! Fool! Parties after the jump.


Funny gallery with endless rooms Reve General was planned to stay for 17 days and those 17 days are already over. Celebrate the closing with some art and music (I had tons of fun when I went there two weeks ago). I wonder about the police, are they gonna come again? Just in case, come early, just in case..! Behmstrasse 79 /Corner of Malmöer Strasse 24. With concert by Davidsson and with djs!

Another People Like Us at Monster Ronson’s. Dance and dream the night away with cosmic (Iam obsessed with cosmic!), italo, modern soul, synth pop,disco and new beat played by Spacelex, Jeffrey Sfire, Dimitri, Mr Vanderley and Emil Doesn’t Drive!
Iam you and Bondage Music label night for 6 Euros on two floors at Suicide Circus with Florian Meindl, Trapez, Beaner, Look-alike,
Dole&Kom, Drei.zu.Eins, PornBugs, Suzen and Live Vocals by Pete la Bomba!

Ultradisco! More cosmic (yes!), electro, acid, disco and wave with Massimiliano Pagliara, Gu Mascio and Franz Underwear at still new Kreuzberg-location Kleine Reise (Spreewaldplatz 8), a charming old bathhouse turned basement nightclub in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Or maybe Neukölln after all? Les Tits Grands at Raum 18 at the hdk party (Huldigung der Künste) sounds promising!


Massive snow action happening in West Berlin on the Teufelsberg (S-Heerstrasse)!
It is during the day and there probably won’t be music (if yes, it would be awesome!!) but since this seems to be loads of fun it is mentioned here. Meet other crazy-for-snow fools and enjoy getting soaked in a massive snow disaster. Bring whatever you feel like can be used as a vehicle..

The price for the most ridiculous but definite promising party promo goes to Horst Kreuzberg for “Geile Weiber & Bier zwofuffzig”! You might have no idea what it means if you’re not a native speaker (sort of “hot chicks and beer for a pound” but in Berlin slang!).

Moonlight Express
@ Stella, Holtzmarktstr. 15-17, behind the Bvg building/Hangar 49 with Claas Brieler(Jazzanova), Cheers Chris, Neeko, Johannes Maria Moser. The hosts of Moonlight Express have chosen original location Stella to keep it intimate, in order it to be a place for those who know and want to keep it non-tourist. “Less fashion more passion.”

Erm, Picknick goes 3 and Villa comes up with Munk live and the only dj who manages to be a “dirty sombrero” and everybody’s darling at the same time Hugo Capablanca?! And furthermore Retro Futuro@Hbc with Emil, Bottin, dsb and many more?! Is this a coincidence? However the audience of Picknick is not the one of Villa and not the one of Hbc or the other way around both ways and backwards, so we’ll all have fun either this or that way.

Oh, you didn’t make it to leave the house for ANOTHER party on Saturday night? Go an have an easy Sunday in Hbc @ Sunday Extraordinare!








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