Cobra Style


While Indian Cobras are dying because of polluted water, Berlin is expecting a generous amount of snakes this week. Yes! Berlin Fashion Week is coming again and I guess you are all dying for the little guestlist places at the upcoming events. How to survive the poisonous looks and the evil remarks about your outfit which is always last season no matter what you do? Well I got myself an evil looking but sweet as honey bodyguard and some toxic outfits myself. If you prefer a more peaceful yet trendy way, I recommend you take a look at the Yoga collection from the new upcoming Berlin-based label Umasan. For more lookbook pictures and informations about their flagship store opening after the jump.




Usually I am not so fond of the green fashion thing but the label Umasan not only surprises with new menswear designs, but also with a really nice avant-garde edge and quite dark lookbook pictures for an ecological and yoga inspired label. The flagship store will open on February 15.


Oberwallstraße 9



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