Designer Scouts After Party

Designer Scouts After Party

Jesus Christ, this title is long: .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts After Show Party by COMME CI, COMME CA. If it weren’t English I would say this is so typical for the German language. Sadly, I didn’t really had a chance to dance around at said party and take pictures for you as I was stuck in the backstage area organizing drinks for our models. As we had way more guests at the event as we expected our sponsored drinks by Beck’s Gold (courtesy of Beck’s Gold Urban Experience) were already gone by the time of the after party. So we had to build up a bar especially for our models. (Why did the models not go to the regular bar you might ask yourself at this point: because it is not very model-like to mix with the regular crowd, of course 😉

Luckily we had a bunch of photographers out there. And I’m sure it is a refreshment for you to see some other photographs here then mine. A big thank you to Jens and Andre! Look for yourself after the jump.

[flickrset id=”72157623277722494″ thumbnail=”original”]

photos above by Jens Wernscheid

[flickrset id=”72157623153142201″ thumbnail=”original”]

photos above by Andre Wagner

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