These Last Days


Thank god, the Fashion Week is over, at least for Berlin and at least until summer. Oh Summer, a word out of alien spheres it seems, full of promises, dreams, hopes. Nonetheless there are again plenty of parties helping you to survive these days of a nasty winter, boring school and annoying work! When, where and what as usual after the jump!


Converse and Bhc present Bodibill (live), Dj set by Conny, Ingrid and Nikki, Reinhardstr. 7 for a small party ( by invite only).

Djs Giampiero ( HipHop Don ‘t Stop) and Mr. Thomsen @ Cookies smaller room!


Berlin Fashion Week Photodiary– by Marc Schuman. Exhibition Finissage starting at 7 pm at Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Torstrasse 96, with live act Paris Suit Yourself who play at 22.00 and a dj set by Okay & Okay!

Mmx open art venue afterparty ( 22-24) with Cache Cache Cache!

Beaner turns 30 and celebrates his birthday at Arenaclub with Walker live and djs Radio Slave, Ed Davenport, Agaric, Jake the Rapper, Dima, Danny Faber and Beaner himself!


A week after the Fashion Week, you guys can get back to Berlin roots, take out your Vintage coat, discounter shirt, sale trousers and flea market shoes and party as hard as you can! Last Days calls out the Last Days of Haute Couture and allows you to wear your cheapest clothes according to the Discount Fashion dresscode! After girls and boys went slutty for Last Days of Lindsay and totally drunk at Last Days of Gia, another Last Days event is coming up this weekend with a murderous line-up including Okay&Okay, Glamcanyon, Sophie & Nadja, Tdaance, Naughty Girls (Need Love Too), Föhnen mit Christoph and Rat Dextrino!! The infamous Okay & Okay girls who onced rocked the Scala and Tdaance, a founder of the Macaronic parties are both now working with in love with. We all know Glamcanyon‘s Katja who hosted HBC’s New Years pink room and already played at Last Days of Lindsay! Sophie and Nadja who are meanwhile resident Last Days girls are Picknick experienced and a guarantor for funfunfun (even designer Patrick Mohr booked them for his Fashion Week afterparty)! Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) who played at Designer Scouts @ Hbc during the Fashion Week and Föhnen mit Christoph are gonna drive you crazy with ecstatic and hedonistic music! Moreover the guys of fancy vintage store Superstore joined the Last Days team to sell the most amazing unique vintage pieces right at the party and they’ll bring Dj Rat Dextrino ( Superstore, Picknick) for an even better night shopping trip! This time a location was chosen that offers you 3! floors, a better soundsystem and a location in the centre of this dirty city, namely Ziegelstraße 28, around the corner of Oranienburger Straße and its whores!!

Candy at Tube Station with Dj San Gabriel, Danetic,  Dj B-Star, free candy, 80s soul, funk, 90s R&B..!

Berghain Klubnacht with Djs Andre Galluzzi, Boris, Nick Höppner and more!


Afterhour party at Golden Gate from 12  onwards with Andy Blake, DSB, Franz Underwear and M Thorn. Dress like it’s 1874!






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