Sunglasses by day!


A loaded Friday for those who have holidays and cannot wait and an awesome Saturday for the others. May it be spring soon – I am getting depressive already, all that white around me, got to take out my last seasons from-Sienna-to-Gaga-everybody-had-them-in-2009 shades…(indoor) parties after the jump!

UPDATE: Oops, the Blind Date Swingers Club at the MS Hoppetosse is of course in March and not today. Sorry for the mix-up!!


Windjammer @ Kim Bar with Iljuscha (Macaroni Club) and Johannes Maria Moser, U8 Rosenthaler Platz!

People Like Us @ Monster Ronson’s with Sneak Thief live, Spacelex, Mr. Vanderley, Emil Doesn’t Drive, Dimitri, Petula Black Sperm live and performance by Virginia Biacz! You and me knew it before and thanks to an article in Berlin’s tabloid no. 1 (BZ) now everybody knows, People Like Us’ psychedelic robot space disco at Monster Ronson’s is cool!

Rock The Disco want you to join for a disco time warp back to the Roaring Twenties: Der Grüne Salon at Rosa Luxemburg Platz is a vintage 1920s dance venue with an amazing oakwood parquet floor, chandeliers and velvet curtains, but the discorockers will transform it into a sparkling disco! Entry is 5 Euros!


Awesome @ The Villa is back and brings Mama, the crazy live act from London to Berlin, Dj set by Bodi Bill, Hannah Holland, Daniel Haaksman, Kingdom, Channel X, Wool, &Me and Niko Schwind!!
4 years of DELIKAT – extrem Möbelrücken @Ritter Butzke in Ritterstr./Ecke Lobeckstr. on 3 floors with Daniel Dreier, Marc Miroir, Till von Sein, Adam Port and more!




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