Spring Party


And the spring came along and we started to feel human again! Oh nasty winter, how you’ve been hated and cursed! Let’s kick asses, celebrate and dance! Your party guide will help you finding the best places:


Ca Ca Club by Nico at Hbc with Denis Malice and Petula Blacksperm without admission!

Studio X at Kreuzberg based discotheque “Kleine Reise” with djs Emil Doesn’t Drive, veteran Elbee Bad and Franz Underwear!

“Comfy house party” with Shake ‘n Jake and djs Farazano & Dohnhammar from Sweden, Beaner and Jake (the Wrapper)! If you sneak around The Villa, you might find it..


Rekids are back at Panorama Bar for another set to go in to the early hours with Radio Slave, Nina Kraviz and more.

Last Days special (fourth) edition at Appartement on a Friday again and it will be all around Axl Rose, former lead singer of Guns ‘N’ Roses and who once was famous for having the most beautiful models at his side. Unfortunately rockstars refuse to age with dignity and thanks to drugs and botox, former beau Axl has a bit of a weird look today (we refrain from showing you pics, just Google it) it is so sad.. Last Days resident and Picknick steeled former bad boy Florian Andres will play electronic music alongside Cola.Koks (Tape, Picknick, Wilde Renate) who is one part of Dj duo Rabaukendisko and Christoph, who managed to fill the second floor with his hedonistic 80s tunes at Last Days no. 3 despite enormous sound problems!! To those who like to follow the dresscode (and I’d love that) , it is Guns ‘N’ Roses of course, so get out your leather pants and jackets, jeans and rock shirts or just dress like one of Axl’s groupies!


Aero Dance with Dolan Bergin, Discodromo and Franz Underwear at The Establishment (Reichenberger Straße 133)!

After several nights at the Watergate, Festplatten and Areal are taking over the Villa this Saturday, that means real techno with Pantone, Metope and Stadthund live and Gebrüder Teichmann!




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