Helene, her Axolotl and me at Tresor!


Honestly, I didn’t want to got there. To the new Tresor. It would be sad, so very very sad, visiting a club that was part of your teenager life, a place where you spend endless nights, met friends for one night or longer. Some did stay, some of them I never saw again. All these memories..The last time I went to the old Tresor, I felt so weird, like a freak. The people had changed so much, they all seem to look the same and they didn’t like my looks, I could tell that. Too alternative to them. Where did all the good people go? The tolerant people I was used to hang out with, the people from the early days. Or was it me who had changed? I couldn’t figure out. However, when I was invited to the Axolotl Roadkill event, I thought I should have a look, I mean, after all these years..Axolotl Roadkill is a bestseller, written by the talented director-daughter Helene Hegemann, when she was only aged 16! More of this evening and pics after the jump:

I met Helene Hegemann before, she is a friend of a friend, but I didn’t know that she wrote a book. Honestly, the acoustics in the Tresor aren’t made for a reading, especially when like 2000 people want to listen to you. Some people went over to inhale helium out of the balloons that were spread all over the room. I wonder if some people made anonymous phone calls after manipulating their voice with the gas, sounding like a Chipmunk. When Helene finished reading there was an after party with the Sick Girls and Entanzkavalier and a German actress playing music. Instead of drinking and dancing I explored the massive building, wondering why the hell people go to Berghain, this place is so much more amazing. And suddenly, melancholia started to creep into my mind, it was caused by that certain smell, the walls in the toilets covered with paintings and names, exactly like it used to be years ago, as if nothing changed. I remembered how I wrote the name of a former love on the wall and how I used to check regularly if it was still there. Later the regular Tresor audience started to enter the place – time for me to leave. Things just never come back, what stays are the memories..beautiful memories. Erm sorry, the book, well, I didn’t read Axolotl Roadkill yet, but I can tell you, the Axolotl is some sort of an animal and in the story someone has Sex in Berghain! These young intellectuals, I can tell you.

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