Confetti and Yellow Nail Polish


Do you ask yourself what the Bar 25 is doing in the winter? Did you sometimes wish you had yellow nail polish? Did you always wonder what records Hot Chip would put on at a party? Then we might have some answers for you in our party guide after the jump.


The Stattbad guys will obviously never cease to come up with interesting events. Take for instance what they are hosting tonight; The Dulcet Tones of Skark, a 12-piece Icelandic orchestra in a special collaboration with Artists Nicolas Dusollier and Ingrid Hor. How is that for a nice evening program?

If you missed the confetti and glitter of the Bar 25 and can’t wait till the infamous party temple opens again in the summer, you should head over to the .HBC as they invited a bunch of Bar 25 DJs over to have a little fun. Confetti will be available…


Bananamania is a new label that celebrates it’s launch at the Tausendisco. I usually never go to the bar Tausend as it’s a little too posh for me. But today the event is co-hosted by the cool nail polish Uslu airlines and you will get your nails painted in bright yellow at the door. And if that’s not a reason to go I don’t know what is.

For people who are more line-up oriented in their choice of party I would reckon that Jennifer Cardini at Panoramabar (who plays the first 4 hours) is a great choice.


The Hot Chip DJs will be playing at the Greco Romain party at Villa. I’d rather have them play live. But it’s not Christmas and it’s not my birthday either. So I will have to go with the DJ set.

Ultradicso at Kleine Reise is another recommendation I would like to send out. It’s a small relatively young club in Kreuzberg near Görli. But I hear it’s quite the rage and always pretty full and fun. I might actually check it out this weekend.


I will preach this until all of you have been there: The After Hour at Panoramabar is just great. You will not be disappointed. They have their residents in the Sunday line-up, nothing too extraordinary, but that won’t make it any less of a hell of a party.








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