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Boy of Girl

This weekend the .HBC is going strong again with a bunch of interesting events, concerts and exhibitions. Apart from that we also have a crazy old harp player, dancing gay bears and some roaring twenties in our latest party guide. Proceed after the jump…


Tonight harpist and indie musician Baby Dee is playing live at Berghain. She kind of looks as mad as a box of hair. But what would be not to like about that, huh?

If you’re looking for a little minimal-house party drop by Farbfernseher‘s J’aime pas le Farbfernseher party. I still haven’t checked out this bar/club in Kreuzberg, but I hear it’s really nice.


On Friday Your Are Invited to an evening of many things at .HBC. That would include The Permanent Bookstore, the exhibition Tipping Points, open studios by artists Markus Kison, Reynold Reynolds, Voin de Voin and SOUNDFAIR, a video installation, a piano concert, live performances by La Stampa, Nova Huta and BEM, and of course an after show party. Jesus Christ, that’s just too much…

For gays you have the options of Poopsy Club (crazy and fucked up) and Pet Shop Bears (guess what: bears).


For fans of the golden twenties and costume parties I would recommend the fabulous Boheme Sauvage at Wintergarten Variete. The dress code is dead serious by the way (unlike most costume parties in Berlin) and you will feel like a foul (or will not get in) if you don’t dress up in 20s style.

.HBC has landed a super nice booking with the incredible Berlin-born band Boy of Girl. You check out their new video Hot Chocolate Boy on their MySpace. There will also be a DJ Set of Paul Mogg at the party, one member of the band.

And the Villa is throwing another one of their FUC Yeah! parties, this time with Sven Dohse amongst others.


On Sunday the regular fleamarket Sunday Extraordinaire at .HBC has a special guest: a DJ battle of our beloved PnP aroung half past three (afternoon). Funs!









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