I’m a good socialist


If you are into outrages GaGa-esque fashion I have a very special recommendation for you. Tomorrow night the designer Sasa Kovacevic will be part of the group show Recast at .HBC with his new collection I’m a good socialist. I saw his work for the first time at the Designer for Tomorrow show last summer and his collection was already a favorite for me back then. His new presentation will open the evening and it will be held in the form of a dance performance. I am so going to see that! There is also other interesting stuff going on that night, find out about it and see more photos of Sasa’s designs after the jump.



“Recast brings together an artist as fashion designer, a Punk band, the founder of the Icelandic Walther von Goethe Institute and an artist disguised as a director playing an actor. From their personal experiences of being the odd one out, the included or the excluded, their work breaks up clichés and reductive institutional definitions of identity. “Authentic” material such as the uniforms of Tito’s socialist modernity, passport photographs of former West-Berlin photo booths, a classic British murder mystery and a Grimm fairytale is questioned and rearticulated. In a humorous way the multiplicity and shifting nature of identity is revealed.”


with Die Tödliche Doris, Sasa Kovacevic, Wolfgang Müller, Ming Wong

Open: 09.04.-02.05.2010, Tue-Sat 12-18h

Opening reception with dance performance collection presentation of I’m a good socialist 09.04.2010, 19h


Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9

10178 Berlin


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