Party all night long!


It starts on Wednesday, continues on Thursday, Friday as well and reaches the climax on Saturday! There are quite a few things going on this week, dancing, drinking and the kind, you know. I know you’d be lost without us and eventually go crazy, therefore iheart is happy to tell you where you got to/ought to/ might go after the jump:


Peaches DJ set at the new Shade Inc Party at NBI with T. Raumschmiere and the first Chatroulette party with AlexandLiane! A few years ago I went to see Peaches at Nbi, stupidly the night before one of my exams and she was more than 2 hours too late. This time I got no exam on Thursday and I can spend my time watching pretty gay guys, hehe!


If you would like have your picture taken in the .HBC photo booth you’ll get your chance at the DFA label night presented by COMME CI COMME CA at .HBC tonight.

Shake N’ Jake at The Villa with Chopstick, Till von Sein  and Hagen B!


Looking for a nice bar in cosy Neukölln? Go to Stricken Bar and practice your knitting skillz from 19h onwards!

This Friday you got the chance of listening to an old Berlin techno veteran! Sammy Dee playing at Edelweiss for White Nights!

Fans of the online fashion community ILikeMyStyle can celebrate the launch of its quarterly magazine with a cocktail at the .HBC cinema.

If you like boat parties then you might also like Formtanz’ new party Liebe, Sex und Eitelkeiten (love, sex and vanity) at The Hoppetosse!

And if you are in the Neukölln area: Raum 18 is your best choice with Ultralyd.


The wonderful Melissa Auf Der Maur who played for Hole AND the Smashing Pumpkins has a solo gig at White Trash tonight!

Special tip: Last Days of Mischa at Appartement with ecstatic Elektro, heartwarming Indie and crazy 80s/90s by Scala-sweethearts Okay& Okay, and Picknick-breed Engtanzkavalier and  Sophie & Mona! Pictures by iHeartBerlin and free shots by Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)!


Snorring and headache or afterhour at Berghain!








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