I can’t recall when and where I saw Turmspringer for first time. Presumably, it was at the Golden Gate. Since then I have experienced them quite often at this and at other venues. At some point it became clear to me that if Turmspringer is playing at a party, it can’t be a bad party. More information and an interview with Edgar Peng (Robert) and Didier de la Boutique (Tim) after the click.

If you want to see Turmspringer performing, you shouldn’t miss Fuck me now and love me later on April 17 at Arena Club.


How did you get involved with electronic music?
Robert: Hmm!?… The music got involved with me.
Tim: By Dancing.

Which music beside electronic music do you listen to?
Robert: Everything that has style and a soul.
Tim: Garage, Beat, Soul, Funk, Afro Beat, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Cuban, Easy Listening, Noise, Balkan, Japanese, Punk, Indie.

Berlin is not only one of the most important cities for electronic music, it is also a capital of classical music. What is your connection to this kind of music?
Robert: If you love music, there is no way around it. It always accompanied and inspired me. Stravinsky for instance has given me ideas and inspirations for my own productions every now and then.
Tim: I have a collection of classical music from my grandfather. These were my first records, and if God wants, I will listen to them when I am pretty old.


Is there a major pop star you would like to work with?
Robert: I never thought about that. If it has to be pop, then Iggy Pop.

What are you interested in beside music? What does inspire you?
Robert: My little daughter. Beside of that… Love, nature, food, sports and art in every form, in every colour and in every sound.
Tim: Exciting technology.

What is your favorite video on YouTube?
Robert: Oh my God… The last crazy thing I watched was “a korean drummer takes the show”.


What are you looking forward to in spring and summer?
Robert: Sun, air, water and the blossoming of colours.
Tim: I am looking forward to the visit of my friend Yoko.

What are your favourite places in Berlin?
Robert: Heidi… My Italian breakfast café around the corner, the street and, of course, the Golden Gate.
Tim: The TV tower, even if I have not been up there for 13 years.

What does freedom mean to you?
Robert: It can mean so many things. Parking your car wherever you want, for instance!
Tim: The sea.

What are you plans for the future?
Robert: To plant a tree.
Tim: Just do it.


You can download DJ Sets from Turmspringer.

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