Swingers, Ravers and Bangers!


Romain Lctrsxls by Tilt!

After a weekend of exciting shuttle bus nights and crazy celeb-mocking parties it is time again for swinging, headbanging and raving experiences. You decide! Parties after the jump:


Future Days is a new night at White Trash with underground, psychedelic and experimental music! The line up this Thursday contains three bands including Admiral Black which is the solo project of Shaun Mulrooney, lead singer of Humanzi and Brace Choir, Blue Angel Lounge of Berlin’s very own 8mm records and Brace Choir! Win 2×2 of the free tickets I managed to get only for you guys by joining our facebook group page!

Earlier the evening Bordel des Arts presents a gallery evening with Crystin Moritz and Steven Kohlstock, Louise Knorre and Jacob Yaw at Lucas Carrieri Gallery at 7 pm! Cover charge: 2 €.


Friends of Blind Dates and Swinger Clubs (sounds desperate for love): it’s time for another (not desperate at all) BDSW back at Hbc with fotographer Kieran Behan on the decks in the pink room and Romain Electrosexual in the theater! Start mixing and thinking about your outfit NOW! To win free tickets join our facebook group!

Like it hard and good? The 3-day one year birthday celebaration of Suicide Circus starts today with Wolle Haarnagel, former resident of the legendary electric ballroom night at SO36. This means real raw and good Techno!

This is not Paris and it’s not 1984-party with Indie music at Club Rekorder, directly under the Jannowitzer Brücke!


Not in the mood for a house warming? Lobby Pop at Hotel Michelberger promises to be a more interesting party warm up than beer cans and flatmates! Live acts Zulu Pearls and Slashing Gales and Djs Playground Twist, Bhc-Ingrid and Fortuna Catel! And it’s free..

Hbc presents In Flagranti live act, Graham Peel, Exit: Ghost and Disco Rocker’s Manu Henry!


This might be really funny: Air Band Contest at Hbc! Get your bandmates together and do a wild headbanging performance or just cure your hangover with a Sunday beer while watching other people doing theirs!






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