Berlin is burning!


A Guy Called Gerald

Hopefully Berlin won’t burn, apart from the one or other car in the former streets of revolution! A surprising information to all our new-or still-kind-of-new Berliners: The violence remains but there is no weekend-revolution in Kreuzberg whatsoever! Destroying other people’s property on the first of May has simply become entertainment to young folks who are not particular frustrated but rather bored. You guys won’t have to be bored this weekend. If you are having destructive feelings you better consult this guide. We’re helping you finding a place to shake off these nasty feelings and keep it with old gal Lady Gaga: “Just Dance”!


Broken Hearts Club at Ballhaus. Wear shades of white!

I’ll check out the Smart Urban Stage tonight, rumours are that 90s supermodel Tatjana Patitz (to see in George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ Clip) will be there too!


The Astra in Friedrichshain is trying to prevent you from doing nonsense during the Walpurgisnacht with lots of Minimal music by Gabriel Ananda, Philip Bader project Ete, Skinnerbox and oldschool legend A Guy Called Gerald!

Pop Art Lounge by Le Salon De Paris at Deep with Pär Grindvik from Sweden, Turmspringer, Emil Doesn’t Drive, Nite Shinin and more! After doing a few parties in Berlin, Le Salon De Paris returned to Paris which seemed to be more promising. So what happened? Berlin wasn’t that bad after all, we guess. They’re all coming back you know…

If you miss the old ZMF and the new R.I.P. is not a good replacement you should check out the opening party of Brunnen70 (by the same people who ran the old ZMF).


I know the party folk often doesn’t have political opinions whatsoever, if you are an exception you need to get up early to join the (peaceful) Saturday demonstrations. I recommend the annual anti-Nazi demonstration (there is always a Nazi demo on the first of May, this time in Pankow and of course there will be resistance and you are free to join in. Don’t take open gay life in Berlin and colourful people of all ethnics celebrating together for granted!)

In the afternoon the party begins i.e. at Kleine Reise at Spreewaldplatz. Open air with Emil, Franz Underwear and many more djs playing! or the Luzia Open Air with Tom Clark, Demir & Seymen in front of Luzia! Or the Locke Müller Open Air, Spreewaldplatz 14 with Peter Bounce, Off Beat, Robosonic and more! or you simply walk down Kreuzberg, there is music everywhere!

Stattbad One Year Birthday Celebration access all areas with exhibition, barbecue, music, just everything!

Psyche Out at Hbc with Hugo Capablanca, Discodromo, Optimo, more and Joey Hansom!


Still up for music and cruising but no longing to get tourismenized at Bar 25? Jackie Terrasse is not far away and reopens for another summer of laid back feelings. This Sunday there is a big reopening with Juan Cantona, Koalblo East Coast Disco feat. Franz Underwear, Emil Doesn’t Drive, Massimiliano Pagliara, Discodromo, Dirk Rumpff, Dj Donna Summer and David Ducaruge!


For cat lovers and others too: “Rubbel die Katz–Rub The Cat” at r.i.p. (ex-Zmf, Brunennstraße!) with Sven Jowizag, Hintergrundrauschen and Michael Placke (exquisite-berlin / reclaim the sparkasse)! If you dress as a cat, you won’t need to pay and get a free Jägermeister!







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