It’s a women’s world


And you thought the battle of sexes was over!

The new feminism is now menimism – a movement demanding a rethink of masculinity. Why would men need such a movement one might ask since men literally got it all – soft and female looks are demanded by the fashion industry, the higher wages issue still remains and it’s cool to be a stay-at home-dad.

So what are they fighting for?


Menimism is the new word standing for several groups that formed all over the world and there even is a facebook group proclaiming it. But if you think menimism is about beer drinking lads feeling suppressed by successful women, you might have to change your point of view.


The original menimism movement is fully aware of the fact that only one in five women earns more than her partner – and disapproves – but there simply are men-related topics that don’t seem to be getting any attention at all. Topics like a break-up that is hard to handle, virility problems or a rather short equipment. A girl would immediately consult her best gay friend and her girlfriends but men are not chatty when it comes to certain issues.

Basically the menimism movement shouts out:  show your vulnerable side! You don’t need to fulfill all requirements of a modern man,  cry and speak about your problems like girls do.


Sweet, but having asked my girlfriends they all say: bullshit. A man has to act like a man! Without the beer drinking and the soccer and without snorring. A short equipment? Oh please!

Not easy being a man with all the women around, is it!? If you feel like joining the menimism movement, there is a facebook-group named ‘Menimism: it’s about tits and beer‘. Just for a start.

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