A while ago I posted about a series of mysterious video clips that were promoting a yet unknown music artist. Since then a lot has happened. After six short clips the anonymous artist started to release whole music videos. Still the strange lady has not revealed herself. Unlike many people – including myself – have speculated it turned out it’s not Christina Aguilera. Especially since the first music video titled ‘b’ shows a girl completely disguised in a layer of plastic wrap playing a song that sounds nothing like the generic overproduced pop music that Aguilera has come up with recently.

Still some clever people have managed to find out who is behind it. Look after the jump to find out and see the three full music videos including a brand new one that has just been released 2 days ago. I also attached 2 great remixes that have surfaced lately.

The first video b has been a bit of a let down for many as it’s a quite mellow song that has nothing of the musical scale of the six teaser clips. It also seems to have given up on the story of the mythical Mandrake flower. But actually it grew on me and now I think it’s quite haunting.

The second video o is the first one that seems to be the real version of one of the teaser clips as some of the lyrics come up again. Music wise it’s a quite catchy synthie pop track. And the story finally seems to get back to the flower girl, though in a less dramatic manner.

The third video u-1 seems to be more of an interlude then a real song. It’s quite atmospheric and the video is suprisingly introducing a brand new male character. It’s also lacking the mysterious girl who is only portrayed by a doll made of cardboard.

Though a revelation of the whole mystery is yet to be expected some people already traced many hints back to Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee who herself twittered studio photos of the pool that was used in the third teaser clip about a year ago. She also has a remarkable resemblence with the disguised girl and her voice also seems to match. In the first video b you can also spot some of Lee’s band members.


Jonna Lee

And while we are all waiting for more videos to be released I can recommend you some remixes that have popped up on YouTube that combine the music of the teaser clips with the full songs. I actually like them better than the original versions.

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