Men’s day and a blonde scandal!



This week is Courtney Love-week and apart from that today it’s the ‘Männertag’, a German tradition allowing all men to celebrate themselves, preferably in a big ‘men only’group with tons of beer and as much noise as possible, whereas girls do facial masks, a pedicure or a horny night out. With bunches of wild men in the bars and clubs it is therefore likely to get laid! We will rather recommend places which have more to offer than a place for sex-hungry boys and girls. Parties and tickets after the jump:


Levi’s ‘Colors of Noise’-tour with electronic acts SebastiAn from France, Jackson and French Horn Rebellion from New York at Dice Club!


Enklave is a new location in a cellar in Neukölln. There is a lack of fresh air  and claustrophobics might not be happy there, but it’s worth going “Auf Ein Getränk” and there is a chance that it turns into a (sticky) party!

There was a party at this location 2 years ago and though it’s not a real party location the place is quite interesting. More or lesss it is a labyrinth and in case you are using any of the new synthetic drugs you’ll have either a funny or a horrible time getting lost in the dark. Muckefuck with Fraenzen Texas, Axel Bartsch, Sebo, Herr Süß & Herr Sauer support this dream/nightmare with (minimal)  music. Zmf in Brunnenstraße 70!

If you are up for a little art, performance and music you should check out A Celebration of Art, Dance and Emilia at Kim.

Courtney Love and her band Hole have a gig tonight at Huxley’s Neue Welt! The grande dame of all the rock bitches wants to know!

Unfortunately the Hole concert has been cancelled!!


Special tip: Last Days of Courtney Love in Prenzlauer Alle 242! Fun, music and lovely people at the topfloor of this old house. Courtney will be around-not in person though, but you never know since she is in Berlin at the moment. Electro, Rock, 80s, 90s highly danceable music by Ponypop’s PopoN.y.p, Cravalli’s Roman, Curly Q., Lucky Paul, Rotkäppchen and Suz & Christoph, come early leave late and at least try to follow the dresscode:90s/grunge: You’ll feel like Kurt Cobain’s still alive! Join our facebook webpage to win tickets!

Keinemusik Release Party with the usual suspects Adam Port und Rampa , &ME und Reznik, David Mayer and Re.You at Horst Kreuzberg!

Minimal still survives i.e. at M.i.k.z. with Sweet like Candy and Funkenstrom, Erik Panzer and Paul Brtschitsch!







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