Manchmal loof dit, manchmal nich…


If you try to remember a really good party, there is one problem: most of the time you can’t remember anything. If I try to remember to best parties of the past months, I can at least recall that David Dorad was playing there. In an interview, the Berlin based DJ tells us which of his
performances he won’t forget.

Where did you grow up, where did you live and why did you come to Berlin?
I grew up in Halle an der Saale for the most part, but I used to go to Berlin on a regular basis (mostly in the holidays), because my dad was performing at Berliner Ensemble and at Deutsches Theater. Even back then I thought (East-) Berlin was so awesome, that I wanted to live here by all means.

I moved to Berlin in 1989 right after the fall of the wall for the first time. I lived here until 1994; then I had to go back to Halle due to family reasons. Since 2000 I am back in Berlin, and I am absolutely happy here.

How did you get involved with electronic music?
I experienced electronic music around 1991 at Bunker for the first time. A friend of mine took me there. We used to hang around either upstairs at the Bunker or in the garden, and then I used to listen to Gabba for quite a while.

Not until around 1994, as I started DJying and organizing parties, I got involved with Trance and Techno.


Which music beside electronic music do you listen to?
I really listen to a great variety of music. For me it is important that the music has a soul, that it touches me and that the music does something to me.

I grew up with the Stones and Bob Dylan, my first records (at the age of 7) where by the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. Classical music was around a lot, that impressed me much, and I still really enjoy listening to it.

As a DJ, I used to play Drum & Bass for quite a while, and Jazz is a very, very important part of my life.

Berlin is not only one of the most important cities for electronic music, it is also a capital of classical music. What is your connection to this kind of music?
Oh really, Berlin is the capital of classical music? I didn’t know that. I like classical music, especially Rachmaninov’s piano concertos.

Which of your performances will you never forget?
There were so many beautiful moments, so it is quite hard to point out one of them.

I remember clearly my first performance back in Halle, in front of 500 people or so. I was so nervous, that I wasn’t able to manage the tone arm, because I was shaking so much.

Also I will never forget my first gig at the U-site by the sea. In the middle of my set the tent above me crashed, I nearly got killed. I just thought: Fuck it, the music got to keep playing. That’s what happened; and there were so many people around me who where fixing that tent.

For me it is just important that the chemistry between the audience and myself works and that I am in a good mood, then everything works on its own, and I don’t have to do much to keep the performance in my memory.
I always say: “Manchmal loof dit, manchmal nich…” (Sometimes it does work out, sometimes it does not…)


What are your plans for the future?
Finally launching the Bachstelzen label and producing, producing, producing.

What are your favourite places in Berlin?
Berlin itself is my favourite place…

I also like to sit by the Spree at the Bar, and I like to go to the Teufelsberg every now and then. It is also important to me to go out of Berlin from time to time. I enjoy going in a walk in the forest and I like to hang out at one by the numerous lakes, in order to come down.

What is your favourite video on YouTube?
Oh man, there are so many. Here is something older:

What inspires you?

What are you looking forward to in spring and summer?
The sun, the green of the trees and the smile on people’s faces in Berlin.

What does happiness mean to you?
If I am satisfied with myself, everything is possible.

You can download some sets by David Dorad at Soundcloud.

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