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On Thursday May 27th Berlin will be hit by a major event called Subject60. It is the kick-off party of a series of five which will then move on to London, Milan, Paris and Madrid. Obviously, if you do a big party, you would start in Berlin, wouldn’t you agree? So, what is so special about the event? Well, it’s hosted by none other than the super sweet and talented Swedish shooting star Lykke Li who will of course also perform at the event. The second host of the party is Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter fame. Europes most popular street style blog. Just recently he celebrated the release of his new book here in Berlin. Where else, of course…

We have some exclusive tickets for you guys, but this time they are not as easy to get. After the click you’ll find out what you have to do to find them.

To make the launch party of the new naughty Volvo S60 even more exciting the organizers have come up with a little game. As they know that we are into games like the Cookie Hunt and into mysteries like Push11, they have offered us to be part of it. To get yourself excited you should watch the teaser trailer below. Well, it definately wet my appetite.

We exclusively have 3 pairs of tickets for you guys. But to get them, you will have to find the mysterious cubes that have been hidden at some naughty locations all over town. The locations are all marked on the map below. To be guided to the exact locations you will have to download an App called LAYAR to your iPhone or Smart Phone. Five easy steps on how to do all that below the map.

Follow these 5 simple steps to take part:
1. Click ‘Start Search’ on the map.
2. Download the LAYAR app to your Android Phone or iPhone 3GS.
3. Go to one of the hidden locations on the map and open this link on your phone: http://subject60.com/c/?iheartberlin to activate LAYAR (TIP – don’t forget to bookmark the link in LAYAR)
4. Start searching for the hidden cube by following the instructions in Layar.
5. Register the code on the cube you’ve found, to get access for you a friend to the exclusive Subject60 event.


If you have done all this and found your cube with the code, you will be able to join us at the party with DJ Adam Port at The Station. Make sure to dress up because the Face Hunter will be there taking pictures of the cooles people. And if you can’t wait for the Lykke Li concert here is one of her videos to make the waiting a little sweeter.

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on May 15th, 2010
updated on May 27th, 2010
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