The long lost Prince


Prince of Persia must have been the first computer game that I have ever played. I was so young and unexperienced that I never really made it that far in the game. I only remember running though some corridors and then the dramatic sound when I stepped into the first trap.

I probably haven’t thought about this game in almost 20 years, until I heard that they are making a big-budget adventure movie out of it with Jake Gyllenhaal as the title hero. I was suprised by the choice of actor. I mean, he doesn’t exactly strike me as the Persian prince type, especially looking back at his former movies including the cult classic Donnie Darko, Zodiac and Brokeback Mountain. Obviously I was sceptical.

But what I saw this Monday at the press screening of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time surprised me all the way. I don’t watch blockbusters like that very often. But this one, although international critics say different, I really enjoyed. Gyllenhaal is just awesome (and although he is now a scared muscle stud with greasy hair he still has the eyes of a puppy). Costumes and sets are impressive (I would not expect anything less from a Hollywood movie). The story and dialogues are interesting and entertaining and you never ever get bored. I loved every minute of it. But maybe it’s just me who has a thing fo Arabian nights… The movie hits cinemas this Thursday. Trailer after the jump.



photos: Disney

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