And What Happened To Love?

Berlin seems like a cul-de-sac for love. Apart from a few happy couples most boys and girls, straight or gay, complain about not having a relationship, about not finding the right man or woman. Impossible in a city like Berlin, with hundreds of nightclubs, bars, cafes and other hang-outs? Clearly not. The hunt for more and for someone better, never-ending. Especially the party scene seems to offer opportunities, but in fact turns out being a love-killer.

Longer relationships seem to have no chance, after a calm down of the early passionate feelings, there is always a more interesting target: just another model, the new intern of some agency or a now popular DJ. Did you just announce on Facebook that you are ‘in a relationship’? Turn it into ‘single’ right away. The hunting continues.

Girls who’d only start affairs with guys if they are able to organize them a model job, boys who are proud of having had almost every girl in the club and folks who constantly fall in love with those who refuse them. A pretty girl I know, silky hair and perfect body, only meets guys who later admit having a girlfriend. But they’d never decide in favor of her.

One of my  friends is convinced that there are only gay men in this town and has simply given up searching. A gay friend on the other hand is rather attracted to himself. He says he doesn’t want to waste himself on one guy only. At least not before he reaches the age of 35 (which will be in ten years). ‘Love is too difficult, I rather have fun’.

I’ve been talking to this girl who is secretely in love with that guy. It’s only to see him that she goes out on a Saturday night. They are having sex with each other every once in a while but none of them ever used the word love. And she’d never tell him about her feelings though she is suffering a lot. But if she did, he would lose interest, she says.

All of the mentioned either have a broken heart or are secretly longing for a relationship. But why is it so hard? Do feelings and passion simply get lost in this town? Is vanity the simple reason? Playing the love game is about rejecting and getting rejected. It certainly needs courage to find the right one. If you are lucky, you’ll win the game and get back twice as much. And sometimes you’ll lose it all.

Perhaps you already met the one, but you haven’t realized yet being busied looking for better? Find out what happened to love. Call her or him. Go over and give her/him a long kiss that tells it all. Do it tonight. Before it’s too late!

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