Dark Spring


Luvinski (Paris Suit Yourself)

Wonderfull dark days of melancholia, that May is my favourite month! You better be happy about dark clouds, especially after a night out, because you won’t need sunglasses and you are not gonna miss a day at the lake, so shut up! But we also provide never sleeping daywalkers with information, from a.m to p.m. to p.m. and a.m. and further, it’s Berlin! Parties after the jump: Thursday

From Disco to House to groovy sounds, Retreat at Edelweiss deep in Kreuzberg with Hunnee, Quarion and Hauke Freer!

Also in Kreuzberg: Tiefschwarz Live at Lido! The guys have been working on a new album and are now back to play a live gig. The afterparty at Schlesisches Tor with Ruede Hagelstein, Adam Port, Rampa, &Me and the like is clearly dominated by artists of their label Souvenir!


Hbc starts at 8 p.m. with an amazing programme including a new performance piece by dancers Takako Suzuki (member of Sasha Waltz’ Dance company) Ingo Reuleke, drummer Rui Faustino, Violonist Biiana Vouchkova and visual artist Daniela Kohl.
After Paris Suit Yourself play live at the cinema and after that there will be an acoustic intimate experiment concert performance  by the band called “Centaurs Dreams”. Finally Infinite Livez play live!

Auf Ein Getränk with music to Enklave in Neukölln!

The Gomma Super Show comes from Munich to the Ritter Butzke and brings the Phenomenal Handclap band live, Munk, Telonius, Moullinex and more!

The guys of the Salon Zur Wilden Renate prepared something really nice that hopefully won’t be ruined by the weather gods: a weekend-camping trip to Mueggelsee including party and music in an former Gdr youth-village! It goes from Friday to Sunday and for those who don’t know the Mueggelsee, it’s not far and really nice. You are free to camp or rent one of the few bungalows if you are posh. Music by Axel Bartsch, Raz Ohara and more, many performances (a.o. Paris Suit Yourself) and lots of ‘Kinkerlitzchen’ are prepared to give you an unforgettable camping trip! To know more and to rent a bungalow visit the facebook event.

Channel X Record Release party with Channel X live and Oliver Koletzki at the Stil Vor Talent party at Watergate! Interview with Oliver Koletzki is coming up tomorrow!


The Villa is closed for a special you-need-an-invite event called Broke Bankers Ball!

Lust for mass events? The Sick Girls have a party at Stattbad together with Coop and of course they will be playing as well as Kim Ann Foxmann of Hercules And Love Affair and many others, if you want to know who, please take a look at the flyer, Iam a lazy chick today and this line up is looong. You can win 2×2 guestlist places for this event, just leave a comment in the guestlist raffle of our facebook group.

The Black Devil Disco Club and Light Asylum live, Emil Doesn’t Drive and Voin’s Club at Hbc tonight!


Don’t you ever get enough?

The Bestworks label founded by Djs and producers Andre Lodemann and Daniel Best garantees best work of the best  artists and has a little party at Jacki Terrasse beginnign at 6 p.m.!

Jake Basker celebrates his birthday in the Bar 25 and this will be messy. With Jake himself and a bunch of other djs from 10 a.m. til Monday afternoon!







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