Love with big balls


There is theater that can be like a conversation. Intimate, mature, interesting and quite impossible without the dialogue partner. The piece I am going to recommend to you is all about that. A friend of mine who had the chance to visit the rehearsels told me: „It’s incredible! There is a pink human ball sitting in a bunch of ikeaballs, talking about love! You have to see. it“. Well I am sure that one or two of you might want to get a peek of it. Take your chance this weekend. Dates after the jump.


Aber wenn du gehst Sarah Sani nimm alles mit was dir gehört ja gut ich machs

with Tina Pfurr, from Daniel Schrader

28.05.2010, 21.30 h Premiere

29.05.2010, 21.30h

30.05.2010, 20.00h

Ballhaus Ost

Papellallee 15

10437 Berlin

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