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Since his breakthrough track Mückenschwarm in 2005, Oliver Koletzki is one of the most sought after techno DJs in Berlin. He is also the founder of the label Stil vor Talent, which releases artists such as Channel X, Animal Trainer and Niconé; additionally, Stil vor Talent has its own fashion branch. In 2009, Oliver Koletzki released his album Großstadtmärchen and founded the band The Koletzkis, which made him more popular among an audience beyond electronic music.

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Why did you come to Berlin?
I moved to Berlin with my flatmates and in order to study music. And of course because of the club scene.

In your opinion, what are the best and the worst things about being a musician?
The best thing is that you can really be yourself and that you an lead a varied life. The worst thing is that you can’t make a living out of it in most cases.

You are on tour a lot. What distinguishes performing in Berlin to performing in other cities?
For me there is hardly any difference, but of course performing in my hometown is always something special; and I need to take care of a huge guest list 😉

What was the most extraordinary location you ever played at?
My father’s wedding.


Berlin is not only one of the most important cities for electronic music, it is also a capital of classical music. What is your connection to this kind of music?
As part of my graduation in high school I had to analyze musical scores, apart from that I am not a big fan of classical music.

What are your favourite places in Berlin?
Friedrichshain, my terrace, my bed.

Is there a major pop star you would like to work with?
Alicia Keys.

What are you interested in beside music? What does inspire you?
I am interested in the beautiful things in life: good food, good wine, classy clothes. I am inspired by elegance and beauty.

What are your plans for the future?
Actually I am very happy, and everything can stay the way it is. At the moment I am working on my new album, which means a lot to me. It is going to be the successor to “Großstadtmärchen”, and I am composing it with Fran, who also sang “Hypnotized”.

Oliver Koletzki’s next performance as a DJ is today at the Stil vor Talent Party at Watergate.

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