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Lykke Li Interview and Show

Last Week, at the Subject 60 event, Frank and me got the chance to interview Swedish shooting star and style icon Lykke Li after her concert. We met a very tired girl that now, sitting in front of us in this massive hall, seemed totally unlike the self confident person she presented on stage. Looking closely at her enormous shoes she seemed like the girl next door wearing a pair of extraterrestrial shoes. We tried our best on rather focussing on the music thing than on fashion, though. Did it work? Read yourself after the jump:

Lykke Li Interview and Show

Suz: I’ve heard that you really like Berlin. Is that true?
Lykke Li: Yeah of course. I love Berlin. I’ve been here maybe… five times.
S: Are there any places here you especially liked?
LL: I’m really bad with names. Usually, when I go to a city I just like to wander around and see where I kind of end up. And here I have ended up in some really fabulous places. But I have no idea what they’re called.

Frank: Did you find some interesting shops here?
LL: The last times I’ve done shows and I didn’t really have time for that. But before that I went to the place where you buy by the pound.
S: It’s awesome. I bought this dress that I’m wearing there, haha.
LL: Oh yeah, I bought this winter coat there that I have been wearing for years now.

S: So how does it feel being a style idol?

LL: I wonder is that on some paper? Because everybody talks about that. I’m like ‘what?’ because I don’t see myself as a style idol at all.

S: Well, it’s kind of what people say. And today for instance a group of Swedish girls came by our office asking for tickets and they all seemed to admire you, not only for your music but also for your style.
LL: That’s so strange. When I’m at home I just wear a Kimono or go dressed in the weirdest clothes. But then when I do shows of course I try to put on something that looks a bit nice you know.

Lykke Li Interview and Show

S: So you still buy vintage and not expensive designer clothes.
LL: No, no. Vintage is my number one. I mean I happen to know some people who work with brands in Sweden and sometimes I get some nice stuff. But dude, I buy like one euro clothes and feel ‘oh great!’.
F: So you’re a total bargain hunter.
LL: Totally.
F: Okay, we were totally prepared to ask you designer questions but that doesn’t seem to make much sense now, haha.
LL: That whole scene, I don’t understand it. They just do too many collections. I’m like, why don’t you just do one collection. I’m trying to find something that lasts forever.
F: Timeless clothes.
LL: Yeah, that’s why I wear a lot of black.

Lykke Li Interview and Show

S: So, what about a new album?
LL: I’m working on it. I’m leaving at seven in the morning tomorrow to go back to Stockholm to work on it.
F: The last song you played was from the new album.
LL: Yeah, the last one and the very first one, too. But this was a different setting. It’s not gonna sound like that on the album.
F: When can we expect a release?
LL: I’m working on it. It’s crazy right now. But you’ll see.
S: How is it going to sound different from you last album.
LL: Oh, I could talk about that forever but I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about art that you make. It talks for itself.

Lykke Li Interview and Show

S: Are you being recognized on the streets in Sweden?
LL: No. I haven’t been there so much actually. I’ve been in Los Angeles the last four months. And even if I go out on the street in Sweden I go dressed in a tracksuit and flip flops and they don’t care. We got the princess and the king. People care about that.

S: What music do you listen to privately?
LL: I listen to a lot of old spirituals. Like Suicide. It’s an old synth band from the 80s. I mean, I only listen to old music.
F: A vintage girl through and through.
LL: Very much, yeah.
F: You’re probably also into vintage furniture.
LL: Yeah, I don’t have anything new. Like, for real.

Lykke Li Interview and Show

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