Party for everyone!

Berlin can be a weird place. There are people you meet constantly at places like Berghain, Bar 25 and the like, stylish folks, always drunk, always in a party mood. And then someone else is telling you that only a year ago they hang out regularly at Felix (place near Adlon Hotel where women employed in offices, gyms and hair salons wearing bags worth their months salary hope finding a young heir) and had champagne bottles for 400-. You think it’s been fishy already that they also frequent Bar Tausend and Cookies? Naaaa..

Berlin is such a tolerant city, it allows you to become whatever you want to, from Zehlendorf preppie last year to Kreuzberg-Mitte styler puking by the water of Bar 25, within months. And next year you might sit in a loft in Prenzlauer Berg with a handsome husband or adorable wife. Everything is possible! After the jump I reveal parties where you find these tricky jack-of-all-trades:

UPDATE: That Berghain Pool thing turned out to be a hoax…


‘Grand art Gala’ in the  Carrieri Gallery! Art, seeing and being seen!

Richard Ashcroft gives a concert at Postbahnhof!

Commme Ci comme ca at Badeschiff! Summer time with party, barbeque and all you need! Hell, Kaos, Mogg at the decks.


Lezzimore at Badeschiff with Andrea Fiorito, Boris Werner and Lauhaus and live act William Kouam Djoko from Amsterdam! 5 bucks before 23.00, after 10!

Grill Royale, Coop and King Size like it elegant and present a summer ball at Kronprinzenpalais with The Capital Dance Orchestra directed by David Canisius. There also is music by Filippo Moscatello, the soccer opening game will be shown and a barbeque by the Grill Royale Team. Dress elegant you prick and come early!

Ahhh.. the french take over this city entirely! La Jeunesse Doree-Pardon my french (is what I say when being in France). For the second Time, Stattbad Wedding features a wide array of new talents, hosting the release of the swedish band Ray Omega, live set by Raz Ohara and Nu and a dj set by Tok Tok’s Fabian! I really advice you not coming too late if you’re on the list, otherwise the bouncers might ask for a little ‘tip’ to let you in!!


Arty: Crystal Tits perform at Second Home projects Temporary IX vernissage from 19 Uhr! Presentation of Fisticuf, a critical look at violent sports and Rogue Vooster, a celebration of poultry and symmetrical dance forms. More on the webpage.

Outside: Base 23 with live painting and party all day long at Jacki Terrasse. The live paiting is in the afternoon from 3pm to 8pm, the party all the day from 3pm untill 11pm with Djs Disscoxx, Mr Roro!

Mitte: Headman, Paul Mogg and A Team at Voltairestr. 5!

Harder: Minimal music for autistic people at Autistic Disco in the Festsaal Kreuzberg.

Even harder: And if you think music is the most inportant and don’t mind style questions or coolness of people, Tresor has ‘A Guy Called Gerald’ live, which is a big thing, this guy was one of the pioneers far back in the early 90s when you were just born! And they got Rampa as well!


Jacki Terrasse, Farbfernseher (this funny bar has its own ‘Clubmarken’ now), The Bar, Berghain, Renate…





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